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LIFFWET (Silicon Adjuvent)
Dose : 50 ML / Acre
  • "Superspreader Helps improve rainfastness Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals Promotes spray volume reduction Low pour point for low temperature applicationsLow foaming Nonionic Meets requirements for EPA 40CFR§180.910"
Packing : 5 ml, 100 ml
MAGNASTIK (Sticker Spreader - Rain Faster - Activator)
Dose : 10 ml to 15 ml per 15 liter water
  • "Magnastik once applied on leaf surface, it quickly sticks, uniformly spreads and activates effect of pesticides / foilar fertilizers / fungisides / herbisides
  • "It enhance dispersion of wetable powder.
  • "It has preventive as well as curative action.
  • "Being anionic /non-Ionic does not get neutralized.
  • "Take care about do not mix directly in the spray tank & use only clean water for spray.
Packing : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 Lit
BINATO (2-Bromo-2-Nitro-1-Propane,3-Diol)
Dose : 5 gm to 7 gm per 15 liter spray pump OR 60 gm per acer
Use / Benefits :
  • "Binato is advance bactericide.
  • "It s effectively control bacterial blast of paddy
  • "It s used in various crops like cotton, papaya, tomato, chillies, brinjal, potato, onion, garlic, grapes etc. for effective control of
    bacterial dise
Packing : 20 gm